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This week’s SHOUTOUT goes to Puerto Morelos’ very first microbrewery, Casa Cervecera Pescadores which brews Cerveza Artesanal Pescadores. For all you craft beer lovers, this is a real treat!

On a recent Saturday, we visited the tasting room at Casa Cervecera Pescadores while one of our favourite local bands The Nobodies were playing. It was great fun to try a flight of the local brew while listening to music. They even had a food truck on site that you could order tacos and even brisket, which got a thumbs up from our friend and he’s a Texan!

While there you can choose from several different craft beers made right on site including an Amber Ale, a Caribbean Golden Ale, an IPA and several more. Click here for a full list. All of their products are original, made right here in Puerto Morelos and GMO-free.

Cerveza Artesanal Pescadores is the brainchild of owners Federico, Alberto and Luciano who wanted to create their own high-quality craft beer. They built Casa Cervecera Pescadores with the idea of creating the best craft beer ever made in México.

You can judge for yourself by visiting Casa Cervecera Pescadores, located on the main highway (km 316.5), 5 km south of town. Click here for their exact location. The best way to get there is by car. You can also take a taxi, the rate is about $270 pesos each way or you can take the Playa del Carmen collectivo from the highway and asked t be dropped off at Casa Cervecera Pescadores.

They are open Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. They also offer factory tours. The tours are daily at 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm. We recommend you contact them ahead of time to book a tour.


If you don’t get a chance to visit their tasting room, you can still try their craft beer around town. It is served at several restaurants and bars n Puerto Morelos including Club De Playa Unico, Punta Corcho, La Sirena, Off The Vine, Las Micheladas del Semaforo and El Pirata. Or you can buy it at the Chedraui Selecto in Puerto Morelos or online. They also offer a mobile beer service for parties and events.

For more information on Casa Cervecera Pescadores and their
Cerveza Artesanal Pescadores contact them here or follow them on Facebook or Instagram. Salud!

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This weeks SHOUT OUT goes out to MUREM the new Ethnic Clothing Museum of Mexico (Museo de Ropa Étnica de México) located in nearby Valladolid, Yucatan.

MUREM is a new museum, it just opened at the end of April 2018. It is a not-for-profit organization that has collected traditional and contemporary clothing from different unique ethnic groups in the diverse regions of Mexico. The collection is on display at a beautiful, little museum just off of the main square in Valladolid.

For just 50 Mexican Pesos, you receive a personal guided tour of the collection with a chance to ask all the questions you like. Tours are available in English and Spanish.


We have more information on visiting the fascinating Colonial city of Valladolid on our website here.  It’s quite close to Puerto Morelos, yet a world away.

MUREM is open daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. It located just off the main square in Valladolid here. For more information, you can visit their Facebook page.

They told us they plan to change the displays often, you will have a different experience every time you visit.

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This week’s SHOUT OUT goes out to the oh, so tasty marquesita. You may have witnessed the long lines of people stretched out in front of one particular stand in Puerto Morelos. This stand sells the treat known as marquesitas. You can often find them by following your nose, as the wonderful aroma is enough to draw you to the little cart that sells them.

We are lucky enough to have one of the best marquesita stands we have ever tried right here in Puerto Morelos. Marquesita Inri (named after their son) is a family-run stand that is set up most nights in the square on the port side. There is frequently a long line, but you know it is well worth the wait if you have ever had one. (Plus you can sniff that marquesita scent for free while you wait.)

A marquesita (pronounced: mar-kay-cee-ta) is a traditional Yucatecan dessert, you will not find them in other parts of Mexico, or if you do, it will be a Yucatecan running the show.


The story goes that this delicious creation originated in Merida in the late 1930s, when an ice cream vendor, Vicente Mena, hoping to extend his season, made warm cones and sold them without ice cream, as a less chilly alternative for the winter months. He then tried filling them with ground beef, like a taco, but that didn’t work so well. Finally, in the 1940’s he landed on the right mix crispy sweet cone crepes stuffed with shredded Edam cheese.

There were two girls in particular that liked the new sweet/salty treats, they were the daughters of a wealthy marquis living in Merida. They loved the desserts so much, Vincente named them “marquesitas” after the two little ladies.

Today, marquesitas are individually and freshly made to order. Marquesita Inri begins with a sweet batter made with condensed milk that is poured onto a hot metal plate. The batter is spread out over the plate and sandwiched between a second plate. The crepe is then cooked over an open flame, rotated halfway through. Marquesita Inri then fills the crepe with toppings of your choice. Traditionally the crepe would be stuffed with salty Edam cheese, but you can also add cajeta (goat caramel sauce), strawberry, chocolate, cream cheese or Nutella sauces to make your own yummy creation. The marquesita is something you don’t want to miss when you visit Puerto Morelos.

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This year, Christmas Day falls on our usual SHOUT OUT TUESDAY, so we decided to make this week’s SHOUT OUT to Christmas in Puerto Morelos! We dug into our voluminous archive and found some photos of past snow-free Navidads spent here in Puerto Morelos. (Click any of the photos to view them full size)

This was 2002, our first Christmas in Puerto Morelos. We look so young! (Rob cannot explain his hair except that it was very windy!)

2002: We quickly learned that the kids sing Christmas carols in December to raise money for their Christmas party at school. Our shop on the square was a convenient stop to collect some coins from the cornered Canucks. Who could resist these faces though!

2002: This was our first time seeing a nativity scene in Mexico. We were quite surprised to see that the “baby Jesus” was a real live baby!

2002: And what would a nativity scene be without a big Christmas fish! (We still can’t quite figure that one out.)

2003: In Mexico, the joyous season starts off early with the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe. These gents are singing carols to collect money for a celebration.

2004: Here is Cafe le D’Amancia decorated for a coffee Christmas.

In 2007, it was standing room only at a Mexican Christmas celebration at the church in the main town square.

2008: Puerto Morelos celebrated with two different Nativity scenes, one inflatable.

2009 featured a Posada where Mary, seen here on the back of a real donkey led by Joseph, went from business to business singing a song that asks for room at the inn. As per the Christmas Story, in response, the business owners turn them away. Eventually they are allowed in, and the celebration begins.

2010 brought us another Posada, even bigger than the year before.

In 2014 was memorable as we found a baby raccoon stuck in our garbage can at Christmas time. It was an unusual situation, and nobody was particularly pleased. We and the raccoon all agreed that he should not be there.

Unfortunately, we had no raccoon experience at that time, having grown up in Calgary, but a knowledgeable guest helped us (and the raccoon) out by sticking a palm frond in the can, giving the masked beast a ladder to escape. Despite this inauspicious start, the raccoons visit regularly now.

2015 Was the year of the many years when our Nativity scene was not quite to scale.

2017 Was the year that the baby Jesus never showed up. Mary and Joseph just kept waiting… right through into 2018, but still no baby.

UPDATE: We are happy to report that on December 27th, 2018 the baby Jesus did arrive, fashionably late.

One of our oldest memories of Christmas in Puerto Morelos is this garage on Rafael Melgar (near Chedraui) that hosts an annual elaborate Nativity Scene. The homeowners leave the garage door open so that any passerby can enjoy it. They have been doing it every year since we moved here. It is one of the beautiful sights we get to see during the Christmas season in Puerto Morelos.

For more Christmas pictures from this year, check out our posts showcasing the lights and decor in the square on the port side of town and the Santa’s Village in the Colonia.

We hope you have enjoyed this tour of our Christmases in Puerto Morelos. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2019 to all from Rob & Joanne InPuertoMorelos.com and Casa de los Viajeros.

And we leave you with this explosive look at New Year’s Eve from 2007/2008.

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It is that wonderful time of the year, the time when the Sunday Jungle Market starts up for the season. That’s why this week’s SHOUT OUT goes out to the Sunday Jungle Market as it begins Sunday, December 22, 2019, and runs every Sunday throughout the high season. 

The Sunday Jungle Market was the brainchild of Sandra, the creator and curator of the Jungle Spa. She wanted a way for visitors to Puerto Morelos to get involved with the community, to meet the people one on one and to learn some of the Mayan traditions. Not what you really expect from a market, the Sunday Jungle Market is so much more. 

Local Tip: A taxi from the square is only 60 pesos. Tell the driver you want to go to see Sandra (important to mention her name) at the Jungle Market on Calle Dos. 

Yes, there are wonderful local foods and crafts that you can buy, but there is also a dance show the contains plenty of surprises. And this year Sandra promises a new “merging of the cultures” dance show that is bound to be fun and entertaining.  

This is a unique and exclusive Puerto Morelos experience that the entire family can enjoy, where you can meet the local women and their charming families. You may even make some friends and you will definitely feel like you are part of our community.

And don’t forget to go to the Sunday Jungle Market hungry so that you can enjoy the delicious Mayan breakfast & treats made by the local women.

The Sunday Jungle Market happens every Sunday, December through April, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Enjoy the Pre-Hispanic Mayan dance, “Jarana,” starting at 11:30 AM. There is no admission fee, but the money you spend goes toward supporting local families.  The market is held at the same location as the Jungle Spa. You can get there by car or taxi. 

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What started out as an idea in Joe’s kitchen, quickly grew to the most popular delivery service in Puerto Morelos, The Burger Underground. Now Joe has made the big leap from delivery only to a full-service restaurant that has some of the best burgers in town.  

Serving good, hot food, fast, The Burger Underground makes each order individually.  So, even though you can get your burger quickly, should you be in a hurry, each burger is still custom made to your individual preferences. Along with top-quality fresh ingredients, the buns are sourced locally in Puerto Morelos and are baked specifically for The Burger Underground every day.   

With a creative, very local menu (can you figure out who the CJ SUNDAY is named after?) The Burger Underground has everything from your “not so basic” cheeseburger to The Yanik, which features a beef patty topped with Oaxaca cheese, gravy and fries right on the burger! Maybe just a little taste of poutine in there. 

The Burger Underground is also making a conscious effort to be environmentally friendly. They wrap their burgers in paper and do not use styrofoam or plastic containers.  

Each burger is made to order. 

Local Tip: You can substitute the beef patty in any burger for chicken or a veggie burger. 

Located on Ave Ninos Heroes, right across from the Coatimundi Park on the port side of  Puerto Morelos, The Burger Underground is open from 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM every day except Tuesdays. And not messing with their roots, they still have delivery. You can call them at 998 353 8838. And don’t forget to “like” them on Facebook.  The Burger Underground is will be a hot contender to be this year’s winner of the Best Burger in town during our annual Best In Puerto Morelos Survey. 

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This week’s SHOUT OUT goes out to our local frutería or fruit store on the port side of town. Tucked away on Ave Niños Heroes this little store is easy to miss, but don’t. This small space is packed with some of the tastiest fruits and vegetables you will ever have.

The always friendly Alexis and his aunt Bricis and Enrique restock their shop daily with fresh fruits and vegetables. But the real treat is their fresh squeezed juices. You can choose from orange, grapefruit, green, carrot or beet with carrot, all at a very reasonable price.


Plus they have an excellent selection of aguas de frutas (fruit waters) in orange, oatmeal, watermelon, lime, pineapple, mango, passion fruit, guava or jamaica (hibiscus, a local flower).

Local Tip: For great guacamole just ask Bricis, she is the best at picking out avocados! Tell her if you want them for “hoy” or “mañana”

In the mornings they offer precut fruit for breakfast.



Local Tip: If you don’t see what you are looking for ask. Many items are hidden away

They also carry a selection of dried peppers. Plus they have fresh eggs, spices and well, you just never know what you will find.

This store is so small that if you blink you will miss it, but it is big on selection. Located on Ave Niños Heroes, close to the lavandería (laundry) and across from the restaurant Puerto Verde. The frutería is open from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Saturday.

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This week’s “SHOUT OUT” goes to El Rey Polo Country Club, Puerto Morelos’s home to one of the top Polo facilities in all of Mexico. Surprise! We bet you didn’t know that you can watch one of the world’s oldest known team sports in our little beach town.

Located on the Ruta de Cenotes, just after KM 11, El Rey Polo Country Club is a beautiful facility. Besides having a world-class polo field, they also have exclusive restaurants (open only during events), a wine pavilion (open only for events), a large outdoor pool and the facilities to hold concerts.

Local Tip: You will need a car or taxi to get to this location

Holding several matches a year, El Rey Polo Country Club. has one of their biggest events happening on December 7th. It is the 11th Annual Copa del Rey to celebrate their 11th anniversary. The day will begin with a polo and will be followed by music in the evening.


General tickets for the day are 350 pesos and 600 pesos which includes entrance to the polo and the music events. Your ticket also includes a donation to the local DIF, a charity that works on family development.

And yes, this is a bit of a fancy affair! Not only is there a hat contest, but there is also a dress code requesting that you wear white. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can buy VIP tickets are 3000 pesos which includes a table for up to 5 people, bottle service, entrance to the music festival and the kids club. To purchase your tickets click here. There are a limited number of seats available and the tickets are going fast.


If all of this seems a bit too fancy for you, but you would still like to see a polo match in Puerto Morelos, El Rey Polo does hold other events throughout the year. The best way to keep up on these is to follow them on Facebook.

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Pictures supplied by El Rey Polo Country Club

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This week’s “SHOUT OUT” or should we say “RECONOCIMIENTO” goes to Victor and Marilú at the Puerto Morelos Language School. If you are looking to learn Espanol while you are on vacation or living here, this is the place to go.

Victor and Marilú are two warm and fun people to study with. They are both certified to teach Spanish as a second language. Victor has over 47 years of teaching experience. For 25 years, he was the Director of Languages for three different universities in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Marilú has taught Spanish for 32 years. They say that teaching is their passion. They love teaching so much, they say they never “work” a day in their life.

Vacation Rentals in Puerto Morelos

The couple moved to Puerto Morelos ten years ago with the dream of starting their own school, which has now been in operation for seven years. Victor and Marilú have become fixtures in our community and we are happy to have them here teaching us and being so patient as we students butcher their beautiful language. The techniques they use will have you speaking some Spanish sentences right away, which will give you the confidence to keep learning and practicing. You will notice progress after every lesson.

There is no miracle way to learn another language, but Marilú and Victor will make it a nice experience.

Susan from Calgary is now fluent after finding Puerto Morelos a few years ago. “I’ve studied for over four years with Victor and Marilú, in person when I’m there, and via Skype from Canada. Best teachers ever! I always get compliments on how good my Spanish is, and I’m very confident interacting with Spanish speakers. I can’t say enough good things about them.” (Susan is also converting Victor into a Calgary Stampeders fan. GO STAMPS!)

Students from all over the world are generous in their praise of their teachers:

Anne: “I am in Canada. Victor and I get together on Skype once a week. I also have to say he has patience!!”

Erin: “We were fortunate enough to take a weeks worth of Spanish while in Puerto Morelos. I can’t say enough good things about Victor and Marilú. I highly recommend their school. Marilu is a wonderful person and for us, beginners had an effective style of teaching.”

Herman: “Marilú is FANTASTIC”

Gary: “Victor and Marilu are both wonderful teachers.”

Katie: “Marilu is fabulous. When I lived there she came to the house, just one on one. She’s quite wonderful.”

Mariana:  “Marilú and Víctor they are the best!!!”

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Victor and Marilú say their purpose and passion is to share their love for both the Spanish language and Mexican culture. They feel extremely grateful for the students (now friends) they’ve met who have allowed them the opportunity to continue pursuing their passion.

If you would like to take lessons, you can contact the Puerto Morelos Language School through their website. They offer private, couple, family or group classes for all levels of Spanish instruction. Buena suerte con sus estudios!

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Special thanks to Susan for some of the pictures and information. Also to Mike for the “Shout Out” guest appearance.


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This week’s SHOUT OUT goes to Valladolid. Whenever we want a break from the beach and a little change in culture, we sneak away to Valladolid in neighbouring Yucatan state. Now you may get to Puerto Morelos and just want to stay in town until it is time to get back on the plane. We understand and support that idea, but there are a lot of amazing things to do that are not that far away.

Not only is Valladolid a great jumping-off point to visit Chichen Itza or Ek Balam, but it is a worthwhile destination on its own, filled with art and history. We recommend at least a two-day stay just for the town itself. You can leave Puerto Morelos in the morning and be in Valladolid before noon. Using the Ruta de Cenotes shortcut to Leona Vicario, the trip has never been easier by car. Taking this route is quick, direct and avoids all those nasty charges on the overpriced toll road.

Local Tip: There can be a one hour time difference between Puerto Morelos and Yucatan State as they are on Central Time and we are on Eastern Standard Time (EST). They also recognize Daylight Saving Time, and we do not. 

Valladolid itself is a gem. It’s a colonial city with beautiful architecture and an incredible and important history. The Caste War of the Yucatan began here in 1847, and early seeds of the 1910 Mexican Revolution sprouted here. Today it is a busy, but a very accessible town. Most of the attractions are an easy walk from the town square, including the impressive San Bernadino Convent, the fun San Roque Museum, the stoic Cathedral of Valladolid and the Government Palace, which features large dramatic murals depicting the history of the city.

One of the greatest attractions in Valladolid is Casa de los Venados which features the most impressive collection of Mexican folk art we have ever seen, all in a uniquely restored, privately-owned colonial mansion. We have travelled all over Mexico and know that each region has its own distinct art. Often two towns next door to each other will have completely different art, so a chance to see such a fine selection in one place is rare. Admission is by donation (of at least 60 pesos) making it a bargain too. Seeing the impressive casa is worth the price of admission alone. The house is just off the square. Proceeds from your admission and special events held throughout the year go to support a variety of charities in Valladolid.

Local Tip: Casa de los Venados offers tours every day at 10:00 am


While in town, visit chef Hugo at the restaurant Conato (also known as Conato 1910 or Casa Conato Cultural). It is near the square on Calle 40 at number 226. The building was once a meeting spot for revolutionaries in the early 20th century. Now it is an excellent restaurant with a wide and varied menu. While there, be sure to take note of the outstanding local art that decorates the space, and don’t miss the music in the back garden. Highly recommended.

Local Tip: At Conato, sit upstairs for a view of the church at night.

If shopping is your thing, Valladolid is home to some very chic designers who have opened a few high-end shops and businesses like Coqui Coqui Spa & Perfumes that make their own scents and candles. They also own a spa and home-shop, plus La Barberia, a hip place to get a hot towel shave. Featured in Vogue, Ariane Dutzi’s handbags are sewn by local Mayan woman using recycled materials. More reachable on the financial scale are local craftsmen who make leather sandals and the Mayan woman of Valladolid sell their handmade wares at Centro Artesanal ZacÍ located on the main town square.

These are just a few things to get you started in Valladolid. The town has so much more to offer. Our favourite thing to do there is just wandering the streets, eventually stopping for an afternoon drink watching life go by around the main town square. If you really want a change of pace, we recommend Valladolid for a quick getaway. With tons of history, art, culture, and great food, Valladolid is not to be missed.

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