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Buenos dias! Thought I would update you on some changes in your favourite town!

A week ago, Tropical Storm Franklin made landfall well south of us. We were well out of the danger zone, but we did get some decent winds and some much-needed rain.

The beach looks great this morning, and as you can see, crowds are not a problem for us in the summer.

Here’s 30 seconds of beach time for you…

I think we just might be able to find you an open beach chair.

In other news from town, Hotel Sevilla, formerly known as Hotel Inglaterra has changed names again. It is now, Hotel Caracol Puerto. Dos Naciones, formerly Villas Latinas, is now Hotel Gota de Sal.

Another name change is the restaurant at Posada Amor, it is now called Le Papillon.

Carpe Diem has closed. The owners of the cafe/deli/bakery are returning to Italy. The business is for sale if you are interested in moving to Puerto Morelos.

Back in June, Anthony Chalas took half a day off work from La Sirena to get married! He and his lovely bride Majo just returned from a honeymoon in Europe.

Majo and Anthony. Photo shamelessly stolen from Facebook, sorry.

We are getting emails every day from folks looking to escape winter and enjoy the sunshine and warmth of Puerto Morelos. February is a tough month to book these days, our place, Casa De Los Viajeros still has room at Christmas, and unusually, two weeks in January open. March is still doable and April is wide open. Consider coming slightly off season to avoid disappointment and too much winter. Prices drop sharply in May and stay low until at least November.

That’s it for the news, we’re off to the beach!






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So you’re thinking about coming to Puerto Morelos, Boo Ya! Once you have booked your accommodations, your next question will most likely be, “Which airport do I fly into?” Yes, we do get this question often. The answer is Cancun International (CUN). So we have put together some tips and hints on how to navigate the somewhat hairy Cancun airport when you arrive.

The next question usually is, “How do we get to Puerto Morelos once we arrive?”

We have gone ahead and made up a page that we will leave up on our website that gives you all the facts you need to know to get you here fast and hassle free. Just click on Airport Arrivals and read on.

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We’ve been having a lovely warm and tranquil summer here in Puerto Morelos, but one thing was missing…rain! The mangroves are dry and we need to fill them up again. It appears we are about to get our wish in the form of Tropical Storm Franklin.

We’ve been watching this young fella for a few days now, and he just graduated to be a tropical storm early this morning. Right now it is packing winds as high as 60 MPH and could become a hurricane just before it makes landfall.

It will land well south of Puerto Morelos, so we will just get some of the side effects. We’ve already seen wind, a bit of rain and some surge. We are not expecting anything too major, but the usual precautions have been taken. Boats are out of the water and we have stocked up on the essentials…water, gasoline and beer.

I bravely went down to the beach early this afternoon to get some pictures of the black clouds as they rolled in and was delighted to see that the beach was fairly busy! Check it out!


Here are some of the sites we watch closely at this time of year:

National Hurricane Center

Weather Underground

Wind Guru

Don’t let a little bit of rain stop you from coming to Puerto Morelos in the summer! We are all having a great time here with no crowds. In fact, we are expecting guests at Casa de los Viajeros tomorrow and they are looking forward to getting to know our little beach town.