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24. December 2018 · Comments Off on SHOUTOUT: Christmas through the years in Puerto Morelos · Categories: Beach Reads The Blog, Shout Outs

This year, Christmas Day falls on our usual SHOUT OUT TUESDAY, so we decided to make this week’s SHOUT OUT to Christmas in Puerto Morelos! We dug into our voluminous archive and found some photos of past snow-free Navidads spent here in Puerto Morelos. (Click any of the photos to view them full size)

This was 2002, our first Christmas in Puerto Morelos. We look so young! (Rob cannot explain his hair except that it was very windy!)

2002: We quickly learned that the kids sing Christmas carols in December to raise money for their Christmas party at school. Our shop on the square was a convenient stop to collect some coins from the cornered Canucks. Who could resist these faces though!

2002: This was our first time seeing a nativity scene in Mexico. We were quite surprised to see that the “baby Jesus” was a real live baby!

2002: And what would a nativity scene be without a big Christmas fish! (We still can’t quite figure that one out.)

2003: In Mexico, the joyous season starts off early with the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe. These gents are singing carols to collect money for a celebration.

2004: Here is Cafe le D’Amancia decorated for a coffee Christmas.

In 2007, it was standing room only at a Mexican Christmas celebration at the church in the main town square.

2008: Puerto Morelos celebrated with two different Nativity scenes, one inflatable.

2009 featured a Posada where Mary, seen here on the back of a real donkey led by Joseph, went from business to business singing a song that asks for room at the inn. As per the Christmas Story, in response, the business owners turn them away. Eventually they are allowed in, and the celebration begins.

2010 brought us another Posada, even bigger than the year before.

In 2014 was memorable as we found a baby raccoon stuck in our garbage can at Christmas time. It was an unusual situation, and nobody was particularly pleased. We and the raccoon all agreed that he should not be there.

Unfortunately, we had no raccoon experience at that time, having grown up in Calgary, but a knowledgeable guest helped us (and the raccoon) out by sticking a palm frond in the can, giving the masked beast a ladder to escape. Despite this inauspicious start, the raccoons visit regularly now.

2015 Was the year of the many years when our Nativity scene was not quite to scale.

2017 Was the year that the baby Jesus never showed up. Mary and Joseph just kept waiting… right through into 2018, but still no baby.

UPDATE: We are happy to report that on December 27th, 2018 the baby Jesus did arrive, fashionably late.

One of our oldest memories of Christmas in Puerto Morelos is this garage on Rafael Melgar (near Chedraui) that hosts an annual elaborate Nativity Scene. The homeowners leave the garage door open so that any passerby can enjoy it. They have been doing it every year since we moved here. It is one of the beautiful sights we get to see during the Christmas season in Puerto Morelos.

For more Christmas pictures from this year, check out our posts showcasing the lights and decor in the square on the port side of town and the Santa’s Village in the Colonia.

We hope you have enjoyed this tour of our Christmases in Puerto Morelos. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2019 to all from Rob & Joanne and Casa de los Viajeros.

And we leave you with this explosive look at New Year’s Eve from 2007/2008.

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