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Hola friends,

Well, that was unexpected! One day we were having fun in the sun, walking the beach, swimming the sea, eating, drinking and speculating about the leaning lighthouse….then suddenly, everyone left and the season was done.

That’s pretty much how it happened.

So now, we are left alone in our town. The beach is stellar, the streets are quiet and the weather is warm, but there’s nobody here but us locals to enjoy it.

Social distancing is very easy here. Staying six feet apart is a piece of cake on our morning walk on the beach when the nearest person is more than 100 metres away.

Some of our favourite restaurants and watering holes have closed. La Sirena led the way, followed by My Paradise, Don Mexkal and most others. A few restaurants and cafes have remained open and offer delivery only or isolated dining.

More places will likely follow soon.

Most of the stores from Chedraui to the pharmacies to the Alma Libre Bookstore have remained open. The grocery stores are generally well stocked with food and even lots of TP.

We take neighbourhood walks in the morning or evening, nodding at our neighbours and friends or yelling messages of encouragement or comedy from safe distances. It’s very strange as we usually average 5 hugs a kilometre on our walks.

We bid “adios” to our last guests at Casa de los Viajeros on Sunday morning. Now our place is empty, but it always needs some sort of maintenance, so we are not too worried about getting bored.

Many of the big resort hotels have closed, suddenly putting hundreds of workers out of a livelihood. We worry about these folks, they cannot afford to miss too many paydays. A food drive has been started to help those in need.

So as we, like so many of you, self-quarantine and wait for this storm to pass. We look forward to seeing your return to your favourite little beach town. Be assured that Puerto Morelos will be here waiting for you when this is all over, and we’ll be very happy to see you.

Until then we will continue to post pictures on our Facebook page and our Instagram page. Be sure to follow along as we all go through this together.

Stay healthy friends.

InPuertoMorelos.com & Casa de los Viajeros

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Hola! Here’s another Beach Reads Update from your favourite town.

We’re just starting to get busy here in town as snowbirds return to Puerto Morelos and the town gears up for Christmas and the busy tourist season.

We’ve been mostly obsessed with watching the new Chedraui grocery store going up just south of the square. Less than a month ago we posted an update that showed workers pouring the concrete floors, finishing the roof and siding the building with stone. They have made incredible progress since then. Officials tell us the fully-stocked Selecto store will open on UPDATE: They opened Friday morning. Details and pics coming soon.

Here’s a look inside from the evening of November 26. This appears to be the cafe area.

Just beyond the cafe is a sushi bar. To the right, you can see the cash registers…just six of them.

We’ve been worried about parking at the new store, as there are not many spots. There IS, however, very convenient parking for cyclists. This is just outside the front door.

More surprisingly perhaps, there is parking for your dog!

There is also special parking for folks who order online. It appears that you will order your stuff, park in the special spot, announce your arrival on the nearby intercom and they will bring your order.

Construction is also underway on several small shops on the east side of the building.

We talked to one of the bosses at the site and he was positive the store will open on UPDATE: Opened Friday morning. Details and pics coming soon.

There will be more town news coming soon in another edition of Beach Reads. SUBSCRIBE HERE

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A big Hola from Puerto Morelos!

Hope you are doing well wherever you are, and that you are actively planning a trip to Puerto Morelos.

If you need accommodations, we still have some space at Casa de los Viajeros. Please see our website for more details & rates. 

There is lots of news from your town. For this post, we’re going to focus on the new Chedraui grocery store that should be open by the end of the year.

The store is being built just south of the square between the restaurants Al Chimichurri and Spaghettino. There was a very large vacant lot there that was used for parking in past years. The Chedraui will take the entire lot, so it will be accessible on foot from either Rojo Gomez or Rafael Melgar. By car, you will reach it from Rojo Gomez. (See the map below for more clarification)

This will be the main entrance from Rojo Gomez. Al Chimichurri is on the left side of the photo. The entrance is where you see the scaffolding. The parking area is on the right side of the photo. (Click any photo too see it full screen)

This is a side view from Rojo Gomez and the small parking area. We are told it will handle just 36 cars.

This is another view of the parking lot. To the right is the truck entrance. They have one dock to supply the store. It will be tricky to back a truck into, glad it is not my job.

This is a view of the store from the other side. Crews are building palapa roofs for what we assume are going to be small locales, spaces for small businesses.

Closer view of the locales











A big crew is working on the palapa. It looks like this will be another entrance on the northeast side of the store, right across from Las Palmeras restaurant.

Here’s a very rough drawing of where the new Chedraui will sit. That is the town square at the top of the photo. You can also see Pelicanos and their dock to the right.

We have been told that this will be a Chedraui “Select” store, so a little more fancy than the existing Chedraui on the highway. There are Chedraui Select stores already in Cancun, in the Hotel Zone and in Plaza Las Americas. They tend to have more import goods and also have cafes and restaurants inside. I have not been able to confirm any of this.

The store is going up very quickly, with a very big crew of workers, working long hours. They hope to be open by the end of November. That might be a bit optimistic, but with a big crew, a lot can be accomplished quickly.

We’ll have more updates from Puerto Morelos coming soon!

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A recent rainstorm re-arranged things at the beach and left us with a lovely view. Enjoy!

This video is the beach at the end of our street at Casa de los Viajeros. Check out our places at www.CasadelosViajeros.com 

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New 500 peso bill

The Banco de Mexico is changing the 500 peso bill. Gone are Diego and Frida in favour of Benito Juarez and a pod of whales. The bank made the announcement by producing this overly-slick video.

At first glance, the new bill seems to strongly resemble the current 20 peso bill, which will undoubtedly delight sketchy Pemex pump jockeys, but the new bill will be almost the exact same size as the current 500, so much larger than a 20. The other side of the bill features a pod of whales. The new bills have up-to-date security measures built in, to discourage counterfeiting.

This bill is the first of a new generation of Mexican bills, featuring Mexican history on one side and nature on the other.

The current 500 peso bill was introduced eight years ago and featured portraits and art by famous Mexican artists, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. These bills will still be accepted everywhere, but banks will no longer recirculate them.  Eventually, they will disappear.

 For reference, this is what the current 20 peso bill looks like.

For more information on Puerto Morelos, check out the rest of our site here on In Puerto Morelos. We just updated the restaurant list…again!

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Here are the cash exchange rates for March 3, 2018 at CI Banco in Puerto Morelos. I post these rates on occasion so that you can compare these rates with the rate your bank or the ATM may offer. To see where the rates have been in the last couple of years, search “exchange rates” on our page at InPuertoMorelos.com 

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Here are the cash exchange rates for February 23, 2018 at CI Banco in Puerto Morelos. I post these rates on occasion so that you can compare these rates with the rate your bank or the ATM may offer. To see where the rates have been in the last couple of years, search “exchange rates” on our page at InPuertoMorelos.com 

Exchange rates

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Mike is a runner/blogger from Canada. He loves to run, but that has got to be a bit of a challenge in winter in Winnipeg!

Recently he visited Puerto Morelos, and he loved it so much he recorded his runs on our beach and through the town.

Join him! You’ll get all the sights, and you’ll never even break a sweat or get sand in your shoes! You may recognize a few faces!

Visit Mike at SeeMikeRun.ca

See you at the beach!

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The restaurant scene in Puerto Morelos is very lively and you really can’t tell the players without a program! (That is why we publish our voluminous Restaurant Guide)

Here are a couple of new news items…

We noticed that La Casa del Pescador, never one to be in a hurry, finally opened for the season! They have been a perennial favourite in town for many years. The restaurant  has been closed for quite a while, then started doing some renovations that took a loooong time, but now they are open. If you have forgotten, they are located on the north side of the square, right above the fish cooperative (convenient), between Panna E Cioccolato Gelato and Richard’s Bistro. The menu has not changed a bit. If you had a favourite before, it’s still there. 

Don Mexkal, one of PM’s premier late-night spots has a big new space. They did not move far, just 21 metres (less than 70 feet) down the road, but into a whole new venue, formerly occupied by El Sabor. Now they have much, much more space for people, food, Mezcal and music! They list their hours as 6:30 PM to 4:00 AM every day except Monday. We had a chance to visit last week and caught this cool band in the leafy backyard. They were just one of two bands that played that night.

La Parilla, which is a small restaurant chain from Cancun, closed their place in the south end of Puerto Morelos in the spring. Right before Christmas about a month ago, they briefly…and I mean briefly, re-opened in the big space above the big jewelry store at the entrance to the town. I took this photo on December 11. Just a couple of days later, they removed their little plastic sign and went dark. I never got a straight answer on what happened, but I think it is safe to say they will not be opening in that location any time soon.

La Parilla’s old space in the south end of town did not sit empty for too long. The space has been split in two, with this half being taken over by Easy Way Rent A Car. They are just getting opened as you can see. The other half is currently being worked on, and looks suspiciously like a restaurant. The other locale in the building is empty, you may remember there was a women’s swimsuit store there last season.

There are a few new choices for breakfast in town this season. One we can tell you about is Cancun Billy’s. They are getting up early, real early to serve breakfast on the beach starting at 7am!


All the info you need for a great vacation in Puerto Morelos is at InPuertoMorelos.com  Check out our up-to-the-moment restaurant guide, our interactive map, practical info, business & service guide and more. We had a record number of visitors to the website in January! Check us out, and sign up to receive an email every time we post a new “Beach Reads” InPuertoMorelos.com 

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It’s a big weekend here in Puerto Morelos. The town is playing host to a large Artisan market, featuring art and artisans from all over Mexico…and our own local artists. Have a look…..



























































For some though, an Artisans Market will always play second to a game of soccer on the most scenic pitch ever!


















The market runs every day from today through Tuesday.