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Hola friends,

Well, that was unexpected! One day we were having fun in the sun, walking the beach, swimming the sea, eating, drinking and speculating about the leaning lighthouse….then suddenly, everyone left and the season was done.

That’s pretty much how it happened.

So now, we are left alone in our town. The beach is stellar, the streets are quiet and the weather is warm, but there’s nobody here but us locals to enjoy it.

Social distancing is very easy here. Staying six feet apart is a piece of cake on our morning walk on the beach when the nearest person is more than 100 metres away.

Some of our favourite restaurants and watering holes have closed. La Sirena led the way, followed by My Paradise, Don Mexkal and most others. A few restaurants and cafes have remained open and offer delivery only or isolated dining.

More places will likely follow soon.

Most of the stores from Chedraui to the pharmacies to the Alma Libre Bookstore have remained open. The grocery stores are generally well stocked with food and even lots of TP.

We take neighbourhood walks in the morning or evening, nodding at our neighbours and friends or yelling messages of encouragement or comedy from safe distances. It’s very strange as we usually average 5 hugs a kilometre on our walks.

We bid “adios” to our last guests at Casa de los Viajeros on Sunday morning. Now our place is empty, but it always needs some sort of maintenance, so we are not too worried about getting bored.

Many of the big resort hotels have closed, suddenly putting hundreds of workers out of a livelihood. We worry about these folks, they cannot afford to miss too many paydays. A food drive has been started to help those in need.

So as we, like so many of you, self-quarantine and wait for this storm to pass. We look forward to seeing your return to your favourite little beach town. Be assured that Puerto Morelos will be here waiting for you when this is all over, and we’ll be very happy to see you.

Until then we will continue to post pictures on our Facebook page and our Instagram page. Be sure to follow along as we all go through this together.

Stay healthy friends.

InPuertoMorelos.com & Casa de los Viajeros

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