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Puerto Morelos now has free Wi-Fi in the square. It wasn’t a quick or easy process, but it is finally here. If you visited our town last November you may have witnessed this little construction site, right on the north side of the square.

It was supposed to be a free Wi-Fi location, but for some reason, unknown to us, it was torn down and moved to the other side of the square in January.


And it was reconstructed to become this.

A Wi-Fi tower, complete with a seating area, is located on the south side of the park across from Alma Libre Bookstore. If you are in the square you can look for a Wi-Fi signal called WiFi Caribbean Mexican.

After connecting, you will get a pop-up that asks you if you want to “surf” or if you want “tourist information”. Or if you are having an emergency to click here (not sure what that button does).

To hook up to the signal you will either have to sign in with your Facebook account or by filling out a short form with your first name, email address, sex, age and answer if you are a resident. The form can be viewed in either English or Spanish.

Once you have completed the form you will get a pop-up saying “Gracias”, which means you are connected.

The signal is not terribly fast, and it may not “remember you” the next time you try to sign on, but it is better than nada. You may be better off to patronize one of the many businesses in town that offer free Wi-Fi to their customers. There are many, and their signals are usually faster and more stable. Their chairs are likely comfier too!

We are currently curating a list of local businesses that offer free Wi-Fi to their customers. If you are a business owner that shares your Wi-Fi, let us know! You can click this link to message us through our FB page.

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Did you know that Puerto Morelos has been used as a location for many films, TV shows, commercials, and music videos. Everything from Mexican telenovelas to Spanish music videos have been shot here. One of the most recent videos featured American country superstar Dierks Bentley. His follow up song to the hit “I’m Getting Drunk on a Plane”, was titled “Somewhere on a Beach”, and Puerto Morelos played the part of the beach. You will likely recognize Unico and Que Hora Es in the video.

And HGTV is no stranger to Puerto Morelos. They have taped many episodes of their popular series House Hunters International as well as Mexico Life here. They featured real estate agents Amber Pierce and Kim Temple.


Before the tragic death of their lead singer, Dolores O’Riordan, Irish rock band The Cranberries shot their last album cover here in Puerto Morelos. In this picture you can see our local crew from Mayan Riviera Grip.

Popular Spanish pop band La Oreja de Van Gogh (Van Gogh’s Ear) did a walkabout around Puerto Morelos and the Ruta de Cenotes for their video featuring the song “Las Noches Que No Mueren” (“The Nights That Do Not Die”). If you don’t blink you will see a quick shot of the iconic Alma Libre Bookstore in the video.

And supermodel Heidi Klum created quite a stir when she visited our little fishing village to film a perfume ad. She really did “Shine” when she took over the dock at Pelicanos.

Puerto Morelos is such a beautiful and diverse location that we make a great backdrop for filmmakers. These are just a few of the more popular pieces that have been shot on location in Puerto Morelos. Our beautiful little town makes a great location and a great backdrop for your next vacation.

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We love to travel and we do it as often as we can. Usually our journeys are within Mexico, but we recently completed an 11 week trip through Europe, which had us staying at 16 different vacation homes and renting four cars (which turned into 6 cars after 2 broke down on us) and taking a variety of trains, planes and ships for transport. Moving around this much, we found a few items that came in extremely handy and we thought we would share them with you.


When you travel to several locations, we cannot say enough about the humble little packing cube. These zippered bags kept our luggage organized, our clothes wrinkle free and allowed us to unpack and repack in seconds, saving precious vacation minutes. We bought ours in the family section of Ikea. But you can get similar ones here on Amazon.
I went even one step further with my cubes and used some liquid paint to tell me what is inside each cube, so that I don’t have to go looking through them when I am in a hurry.

Another thing that I found invaluable, is this little travel blow dryer. My husband actually laughed out loud when he opened the box that this came in. It is so small that it looks like a toy, but it isn’t. It is a really powerful travel dryer. A lot of hotels in Mexico do not offer blow dryers, so this one comes in really handy. And you can switch it from 120v to 220v for travel abroad.

We seem to travel with more and more electronic devices that need constant recharging. When overseas, we like this one. It converts 220v to our 120v. It has four USB plugs, and it comes with enough adapters to plug in anywhere from from Albania to Zimbabwe. It works when plugged into 120v as well, so you can use it anywhere. It’s compact, but has lots of places to plug in, because there are never enough outlets in most hotel rooms or vacation rentals.

In Mexico we use one like this that has a built-in surge protector for the sometimes unsteady current we get in Mexico. This has saved our gadgets on many occasions, plus the USB connections come in really handy.

Good idea to have a two-prong adapter as well, as you will see two prong outlets in older Mexican hotels and even some vacation rentals.

And one last item. If you are renting a car, most of the cars in Mexico are very basic and don’t come with USB chargers. We highly recommend bringing a USB lighter/adapter to keep your phones/GPS charged while you are enjoying that driving trip to Chichen Itza.

If you have any travel gadgets your can’t live without, drop us a line, we would like to hear about them.

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It’s a big weekend here in Puerto Morelos. The town is playing host to a large Artisan market, featuring art and artisans from all over Mexico…and our own local artists. Have a look…..



























































For some though, an Artisans Market will always play second to a game of soccer on the most scenic pitch ever!


















The market runs every day from today through Tuesday.





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Between the busy “Cancun to Tulum” highway and the beach side of Puerto Morelos lies the mangrove, a two-kilometre wide stretch of water and greenery, and a tranquil home to a wide variety of wildlife.

Most of us shoot through the area at high speed in a car or taxi. You can’t see much at 70 kilometres per hour, but take the walking path one day, and you are guaranteed to something interesting. (click the photos for a better view)























There are two paths nowadays. The southern one is the best to walk as you can get shade and the bikes tend to take the red path on the other side.












Walking from the square to the highway is a little over 2 kilometres (about 1.5 miles). It took me about 30 minutes, and I was guilty of some meandering and gawking at the scenery. The most scenic bits however are about 1 kilometre from the square, so you could walk up a stretch and walk back.












A few years ago they built these little boardwalks so that you could get a better view of life in the mangrove, but unfortunately they were not maintained and are now just a little “peligroso”.












Wherever there is a break in the foliage though, you will get a view like this. I must go back at sunset as the colours at that time are stunning.










I have walked this path dozens of times and have only spotted a crocodile once before, but I got lucky on this sunny afternoon and saw this fellow, catching some rays near one of the dilapidated docks.













Back in town, I spotted this more genteel wildlife, catching a late afternoon siesta.

So plan a quick trip to the mangrove some time during your next visit. Early in the morning, you will likely see more birdlife. I took these pictures closer to noon, so I saw no birds, but I did spot the croc.

The mangroves are protected, so development in them is not allowed. You could say that the expansive mangrove has saved and protected Puerto Morelos, so we must save and protect the mangrove.

Find lots of town information, maps, restaurant list and more at InPuertoMorelos.com

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Up early on a lovely, calm 2018 morning in Puerto Morelos. The colours were outstanding. There is a cruise ship in the middle of the shot, but it is a little hard to make out. (Click the photo for a better view)


And here are a couple of scenes from last night.

Here are a two of the “Viejos”. A part of Mexican New Year’s Eve tradition is to create a dummy and fill him full of fireworks. At midnight “los años viejos” (the old years) is lit and explodes in a ball of fire, filled with loud bangs and small explosions. This is thought to get rid of the “bad” of the past year and bring hope and prosperity for  the coming year.

And this is how the town square looked last night in the early evening.

To get an idea of what the dummies look like when they are lit, check out this video we made 10 years ago.

Hope your 2018 is off to a good start wherever you are!


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On a recent trip to the square in the Colonia in Puerto Morelos, we were surprised and delighted to be whisked away to Santa’s Village in the North Pole!


One of the highlights has to be this recycled tire snowman…who will not be melting anytime soon!


We even have our own hashtag #MiNavidadEnPuerto

Santa was able to find a parking spot for his sleigh



















For more information on Puerto Morelos, be sure to check out our page, InPuertoMorelos.com the new home of our Beach Reads town updates, an interactive map showing everything you might want to find in PM, an updated restaurant list and taxi fare sheet, and general information to make the most of your trip to our part of paradise. You can sign up for Beach Reads, and an email come to you whenever we post some news…

Also check out Casa de los Viajeros, a great place to stay in Puerto Morelos.

One and two bedroom suites available

All have full kitchens & private bathrooms

All suites have private balconies or terraces to enjoy the Puerto Morelos breeze






















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Hola again from Puerto Morelos! We continue our series of new and exciting things in Puerto Morelos for the 2017/2018 season. This series of posts represent an updated version of our long-running Beach Reads Newsletter. These posts are part of our new home on the web, InPuertoMorelos.com, where you will find loads of information on your favourite Mexican village, including an interactive map, restaurant list, current taxi fares and more.

Here’s more news:

Christmas has come to the square in Puerto Morelos! The giant tree is back!

There is a Nativity Scene below the tree, which features all the main characters of the Christmas Story, including this giant rooster, who is nearly the same height as Joseph.

Everyone in town was pretty happy to see our long awaited sewage plant go online…













…we expected it to work…but we never really expected it to be beautiful…

Someone painted a really big mural on the large wall that surrounds the plant. I would rarely suggest a sewage plant as a tourist destination, but the mural is really worth a look!

Sofia’s Fashions on the square is closing at the end of the month so everything in the store is on sale 50% off! Store hours 9:00am-5:00pm Tuesday-Saturday. Owner Sharon is closing the shop, but staying in Puerto Morelos.

Happy Hour Soup of the Day at Hacienda Morelos….



















Did you miss Part I? Find it here   Did you miss Part II? It’s here.  Part III is here. More links to other articles on the right side of this page.

If you are planning a getaway to Puerto Morelos, be sure to check out Casa De Los Viajeros. We still have some openings, even at Christmas and in January. Check us out at CasaDeLosViajeros.com 

Our place is just steps from the beach, and close to the square.

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Get your toes out of the sand and onto a mat… for a few minutes

While you are in Puerto Morelos be sure to drop by Alma’s Pilates class at the Casa de Cultura. The classes are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 7:00am for an hour and a half. They are a great deal at 70 pesos a class on a drop-in basis or 500 pesos for the entire month. A fantastic and fun way to stay in shape so you can enjoy more tacos and beer while you are in Puerto Morelos.

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Heading into our last week of ownership of the Alma Libre Bookstore, we’re getting a little sentimental, so here is a look at some photos from 2006. This was the town’s comeback year after the devastating hurricane the year before.

A familiar view of Puerto Morelos. The taller lighthouse was damaged significantly in the hurricane and needed extensive repairs. It was replaced completely last year with a new one. The old leaning lighthouse shrugged Wilma off without any problem. We were worried it might straighten up!

The beach at Ceiba del Mar hotel (Now Desire). You can see it was quite a bit wider then. Hurricane Wilma did a lot of damage, but “gifted” us with more beach.

Alma Libre Bookstore in 2006. Our neighbour was Eric (Le Marlin Bleu) who retired from shrimp tacos to run Ecab Explorer, an excellent local tour company.

Laid back bird

Testing a hammock before the arrival of guests at Casa de los Viajeros. No detail is too small!