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Did you know that besides our famous leaning lighthouse and the new lighthouse beside it, there is a third lighthouse in Puerto Morelos? There is! It’s called Punta Brava and most people have never been there. It may take a bit of a walk or a bike ride to find it, but it is worth the trek. We recently took a bike ride out there…. and at the end of the road, after about 30 minutes…. you will find this!

As you venture further south, you will find a beautiful beach that is much different from the beach in the center of town. Once you get past the hotels, there are only a few houses, then nothing but beautiful, white, deep sand! And very few people.

The reef is much further from the shore here, so you will find the beach scattered with shells. The shoreline is a little rocky in places, but it makes for a great place to watch tiny crabs jump in and out of the tide pools.

Further up the beach you will find leafy green plants that help keep the sand in place. The plants are dotted with theses pretty purple flowers.


The white sand with the rugged, rocky coastline are a sharp contrast from the tranquil beach in Puerto Morelos. Punta Brava is beautifully natural with the waves crashing against the rocks.


So when you want to get away from the “crowds” of Puerto Morelos, head to Punta Brava. We’ll show you how we get there on our next blog post. Be sure to subscribe to InPuertoMorelos.com so you don’t miss any new news about the town we all love.

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Our new lighthouse is taking shape! The tall white lighthouse has been crumbling and needs to be replaced. After the new lighthouse is built, the tall white one will be removed. Of course our old leaning lighthouse will remain in place.

Notice all the rebar they put into this lighthouse. It needs to be hurricane-proof. The tall white one suffered damage in Wilma in 2005, but remained standing tall!


Lighthouse under construction. Photo taken by Alma Libre Feb 08, 2016