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This week’s SHOUT OUT goes to the walking tour of La Colonia by Ana.

A lot of visitors to Puerto Morelos miss La Colonia (the Colonia), which is a shame. The Colonia is easy to find, it is the district of Puerto Morelos that is located directly on the west side of the main highway that splits the town. The Colonia is big and growing bigger every year. Most of PM’s population now resides there. There are lots of stores and restaurants that are well worth checking out.

An excellent introduction to the are is offered by Ana Trepanier, who offers a fun and easy walking tour of the area. Ana’s tour begins on the port side of the town. She meets you in the square where she tells you a bit of history of the town. Then she shows you how to take the collectivo (public bus) up to La Colonia.

Once there she takes you on a walking and food tour of the area. She shows you how the local fruit and vegetable stands operate, telling you about the produce you may not be familiar with. You even get to taste test some of the more unusual items.

She takes you past the library, the DIF and other notable sites in town. You will learn you can buy practically anything in the Colonia, as long as you know where to look. As you go, you can ask as many questions as you like.

The tour continues for about 2 hours with history, information and tastings along the way. If you want to really get to know Puerto Morelos, this is a great way to get started.

Local Tip: Ask Ana! 

Besides the walking tour, Ana has some new experiences coming. Check with her about these. Tours are arranged on an individual basis. To book your walking tour of La Colonia, contact Ana on Facebook or by email at

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