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03. December 2017 · Comments Off on Beach Reads News from Puerto Morelos (Part I) · Categories: Beach Reads The Blog, Photo Post, Restaurant Scene

Hola from Puerto Morelos! We had a good summer here, and we are happy to see the season starting again. As usual, there are lots of changes to tell you about. Since 2002 we have been keeping you up to date with all things PM in our infamous newsletter, Beach Reads. Times have changed, so instead of a long newsletter, we’ll tell you all about it in a series of posts here on, which is our new home here on the web.

Here’s the News:

Alma Libre Bookstore is open again! 

We’re delighted to see the bookstore open again, under the new ownership of Caleb and Nikki from Golden, BC. They took over the storied libreria in the spring, but then closed for the summer to collect literature for you. Now after a bright paint job, and we imagine a whole lot of dusting, the store is open again. Check them out! They are open daily from 10:00 – 6:00. On the web, you can find them at

Cafe Culture! 

In the past year we lost a couple of cafe/restaurants in Puerto Morelos, but now over the summer, we gained  four!


Aarom Cafe just opened in the former “I Wanna Pizza” / “Un Abbraccio” location on Niños Héroes. It promises healthy choices including juices, coffee, breakfast bowls and smoothies. The food is mostly raw & organic with vegan options. They also offer holistic treatments and have a community shop. Open Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm & Saturday and Sunday 8am to 4pm. (Click the logo on the left to get to their Facebook page)

Mangata Cafe opened in November just down the Niños Héroes road, right beside John Gray’s Kitchen. Built very cleverly to make take advantage of our bright & breezy days, they offer lots of choices including juices, smoothies, coffee and meals. Vegetarian and vegan options too. They promise they make everything with love! Open Tuesday to Saturday 8-5. Sunday 8-3.

Tomorrow, more news and more cafes from your favourite town!

If you are planning a getaway to Puerto Morelos, be sure to check out Casa De Los Viajeros. We still have some openings, even at Christmas and in January. Check us out at

Our place is just steps from the beach, and close to the square.



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