We are providing this list of local services for your convenience. If you patronize any of these businesses, please tell them you heard about them on the “In Puerto Morelos” website. It makes us more popular around town. (Updated November 2019)

Arriving at the Airport – If you are wondering what it is like to arrive at the Cancun Airport and how to get to Puerto Morelos from there, we have the complete rundown here.

ATM (ABM-Cashpoint-Bank Machine) – Best to use bank-affiliated machines as they have the lowest fees. The only bank-affiliated ATMs on the beach side of Puerto Morelos are in the new Chedraui south of the square. You will find two there, a Scotiabank machine and a Citi-Banamex machine.  The Scotiabank machine normally has higher fees.

There are several machines on the square and in the OXXO’s, but all are privately owned and thus have higher than normal fees. There are two bank-affiliated machines in the Chedraui supermarket on the highway and a CI Banco machine just outside the grocery store. We find the CI Banco machine has the lowest fees and is safe, as it is only open when the bank is open (9:00-9:00 Monday-Saturday-closed Sunday). There is another machine at the Bancomer in Super Aki Plaza and another in the 7-11 by the Pemex.

There have been some skimming incidents in Puerto Morelos, so please examine the machine carefully for any tampering before using and watch your account afterward. Cover your pin when you type it in and change your pin as soon as you get home. 

Bank – Puerto Morelos has no bank in the main part of town. Your best bet for getting pesos is a bank machine. On the port side, we recommend the two inside the Chredraui Selecto. The Socitabank machine has higher fees of the two. There is a CI Banco bank at the Chedraui on the highway and a Bancomer at Super Aki Plaza. Both have machines. 

If you have foreign cash and want to exchange it for pesos, there is a small exchange on the square. There is also a G Capital at the AKI Plaza on the highway and CI Banco has a bank just outside the Chedraiu highway location. You will need your passport to exchange cash at banks or money exchanges.

Baby Rentals – This local company rents baby/child equipment here in PM, so you don’t have to lug it from home! Rent cribs, Pack & Plays, high chairs, baby seats, strollers, life vests, even toys & games. Items are delivered and picked up at the location of your choice. Puerto Baby Rentals. Check out their website for more information.

Bike Rental – The Puerto Morelos Travel Agency has a tiny office around the corner west of the bookstore. They rent bikes by the hour, day, week or month. There are also bikes available at DiversPoint, and Puerto Morelos Green Bikes, website here. Some of the restaurants & tour booths along Rojo Gomez also have bikes.

Bookstore – There are precious few bookstores in the Yucatan, so Alma Libre Bookstore is a rare find. They have 20,000 books including new books on the area, the Maya and the birds and fish…plus lots of used fiction and nonfiction books. Maps & postcards & art & gourmet items too!

Botanical Garden Ya’ax Che – Located on the south entrance to Puerto Morelos. Open daily at 8:00. Admission charge is around 120 pesos. More info here.

Car Rental –  If you are going to use the car a lot, you are best to get it at the airport when you arrive. If you just want it for a day or two, we have options right in town. Claudia at the Puerto Morelos Travel Agency rents for Thrifty and has a great reputation in town. Her office is just past Cafe Amancia, across from the OXXO. MAP

Europcar and Budget also both have offices in Puerto Morelos very near the square.

Catering – Chef Miguel co-owner of Hola Asia restaurant will provide meals to your place in Puerto Morelos or Playa Secreto. He also offers cooking classes in your place. Click here for more information. Richard of Mi Cocina does catering, as does Anthony at La Sirena.

Cooking Schools – How better to bring a little of Mexico home with you than to learn to make some of the fantastic food you find here?

Mexico Lindo Cooking offers culinary experiences at their beautiful facility in the jungle 10 kilometres from the town square. Prepare a 7-course gourmet meal, and feel like a member of the family during this small-group experience. Once all the food is cooked, celebrate your culinary accomplishment with a traditional Mexican fiesta, complete with drinks, tequila shots and music. They have a variety of classes available or even culinary trips. More details on their website. 

Dentist – Dr. Carlos Escalante has an office just west of the square. 998-206-9157 NEXTEL 185-2583 Website Here. We’ve used him ourselves and would recommend him. He speaks excellent English. People have also recommended Dr. Georgina Reyes Herrera, office in the Colonia 998-251-7595/998-169-3559

Diving – We love to snorkel, but diving is the best way to go meet the fish. We are lucky to have several good shops right in town to serve you. If you are staying at a resort, skip their dive shop and use one of the ones in town, you will save a plethora of pesos. For more info click here

Om Delfin In Hacienda Morelos  998 108 1683
Aquanauts Dive Adventures On the square 998-206-9365
DiversPoint In Hotel Posada El Moro 998 189 3628
Dorado Buceo Caribe On Rojo Gomez, just south of Posada Amor 998 255 6284 (Ask for Cettina)
Buceo Xtabay Villas Morelos 1, Trasatlántico 25 L10 (Colonia) 998 208 9212
Tulaka Diving Niños Heroes, next to John Gray’s Restaurant 998 206 9176
Wet Set Diving Adventure In Hotel Ojo de Agua 998 206 9204

Doctors – We have a few good doctors in Puerto Morelos and a medical clinic. The doctors will make house calls.

Doctor Veronica Serrato Quezada

Office hours are on Monday and Tuesday.

Office 998-253-4118 Cell 998-147-7034 (Cell 24/7)
Dr. Ernesto Ramirez Esparza: (Speaks English) Call: 998-214-2081 or 998-228-6052 or 998-206-9377
Medical Clinic (Office in Pescadores just east of the highway – See map) 998-251-1478 / 998-201-2456
Dr. Benjamin De la Vega 998-285-9186 / Cel: 998-165-9955

Fishing – We always recommend Kathy Loretta of Puerto Morelos Fishing. She has the best boats and crew. Daytime phone 998-848-8819. Evening phone 998-206-9206. Cell Phone 998-201-9805. She speaks English and Spanish. Alternatively, you can go down to the dock and talk to one of the captains there or arrange something through one of the dive shops. You can also arrange snorkelling this way.

Golf – I’ve never had the bug, but I know there are some of you who need to swing the wrenches even on vacation. Here are a few courses near PoMo.

  • Mayan Palace golf course. Closest to PoMo (14kms), just south of town near Playa Secreto. Website.
  • Iberostar golf course. Just a little further south. More info.
  • Mayakoba El Camaleón Golf Club. About 22 kms south, this course, designed by Greg Norman, hosts an annual PGA tournament. Website.

Grocery Store –  Just a few years ago, Puerto Morelos had no real grocery store, now we have three.

If you are staying close to the ocean on the “port side” of town, you can use the new Chedraui Selecto store just south of the square. It is smaller than the grocery store on the highway but should cover most of your needs. It has a pharmacy, a bakery, a good wine and beer section, a humidor for cigars and a cafe/restaurant section. We recommend patronizing our local independent restaurants for your meals, but the Chedraui will come in handy for groceries.

A larger Chedraui is located on the highway. It has a larger selection than the port side store and it has trustable ATMs in and around it.

There is also another grocery store a little further north on the same road called Super Aki. Aside from a few beautiful beer sales, there is nothing you can find at Aki that you can’t find at Chedraui, so if you only go one place, go there.

There is an abundance of small “Supers” (convenience stores) all over town, most with beer. There is also an OXXO convenience store on the southwest end of the square and another at the entrance to town. Alma Libre Books & Gifts has a selection of locally made gourmet items, coffee, honey, chocolate and more.

There is a small, but good Produce Store on Ninos Heroes across from Siempre Sano restaurant, just north of the laundromat. Fresh produce, juice, eggs and other staples available. They open early at 6:00 am. You can watch him make fresh juice all day. You cannot get it any fresher!

The Wednesday morning Produce Market by the Church and the many produce trucks that roll through town will keep you in fruits and vegetables. The fish co-operative on the square has the best and freshest fish anywhere. Mariscos del Puerto on Av. Ninos Heroes has frozen fish, shrimp and steak. They are open Monday-Friday 9-5 and Saturday/Sunday 9-3. A bakery truck rolls through town every evening at dusk with baked treats. For more grocery selection, Playa del Carmen and Cancun both have Sam’s Club, Chredaui, Mega, Wal-Mart and Soriana. Cancun also has Costco.

There are 2 very good produce markets located in the Colonia. These markets specialize in fresh fruit and vegetables.  We especially like the fresh squeezed orange juice for around $15-$25 pesos/litre. (look in the big white cooler for a variety of juices.) They also have fresh meats, chicken, pork and other items next door.  You never know quite what you are going to find, so they are definitely worth checking out.  The first store is located 3 blocks behind the Pemex, on the corner of the road that runs beside the Pemex and the wide street.  The second location is one or two blocks further west (toward Villas Morelos).  If you ask the bus or taxi driver to take you to Chulim, they will be able to help you find them. There are a couple of larger grocery stores there too. See our Puerto Morelos map for exact locations.

Gym – There are at least two, both on the other side of the highway.

  • Alligator’s Gym is located right on the highway just south of Super Aki. Open daily, except Sunday.
  • El Gym del Puerto is in the Colonia, Calle Trasatlántico Mz 25 lt.2 Villas Morelos 1. Open daily except Sunday. M-F 6:30-10:30. Saturday 7:00-1:00. Tel: 998 147 9128

Handicrafts – For sure you should check out the Mayan Handicraft Centre located around the corner from the bookstore on the main road, across from Spaghettino restaurant. Mauricio’s hammocks are located there among other shops. There are also many places around the square and Tesoros Mayas just south of OXXO on the square. Also, check out our selection in our gift section at the bookstore.

Hardware – There are a couple of stores on the highway, I have had the best luck with Ferrotlapaleria “La Colonia” or Tauro in the Colonia. You need to know how to ask for what you want as the products are behind the counter. Prepare to act out what you want. I have imitated taking a shower many times to get a shower part. Don’t ask how I get toilet parts. Cancun & Playa del Carmen have a Home Depot stores, which is surprisingly well equipped and feature some of the worst and loudest in-store music you will ever hear.

Internet – Stay in touch with loved ones…or just rub it in that you are in paradise and they are not! There is one internet cafe in town, beside the OXXO on the square, Cafe de Amancia has machines and printers and there is also free WiFi with purchase at several restaurants.

Mail – The Mexican postal system leaves much to be desired. It is not quick, but reasonably accurate. Good for sending postcards. Not good for sending vital time-sensitive materials. For that, we have fax, email and FedEx. Lovely Puerto Morelos postcards are available at Alma Libre Bookstore, they will mail them for you if you buy them there.  Otherwise, best to mail them at the airport.

Money Exchange  – We now have two on the port side of town. The exchange rate is posted above the window. G Capital is located in the mall part of the new Chedraui Selecto and the other is located in the mall on the north side of the square. They will not cash traveller’s cheques. If you are changing US dough, you need to show your passport. It’s not their policy, it is federal law. Count your change. The booth on the square has in the past been accused of short-changing. You likely get a better rate at CI Banco beside the Chedraui grocery store. 

Newspaper – The local English newspaper is the “USA Today Cancun Edition” which comes out daily. It is available at several locations around town including Alma Libre Bookstore. As an alternative, pick up one of the local Spanish language dailies. Some of them are quite outrageous and have lots of pictures, some of them quite tasteless. In Playa del Carmen and Cancun you will be able to find other papers like the New York Times.

Perito Traductora – The Mexican government may require you to have officially translated documents if you are applying for visas etc. You can’t just have anyone translate the documents for you, they must be approved by the state. Catherine Gray from Felipe Carrillo Puerto is now an official translator for English/Spanish or Spanish/English. Costs for this service depend on the work, but her rates are lower than can be found in Cancun or Playa del Carmen. Contact us for her contact information.

Pharmacies –  We have a ton of them now! On the port side alone we have Chedraui, the Farmacia on the square (west side),  and Farmacia de Similares (beside Budget just south of the OXXO on Ninos Heroes.) There are several more options at the highway (Chedraui, YZA, Paris, Express) and in the Colonia.

Rental Accommodations – See our list

Restaurants – See our lengthy list 

Snorkeling – Our main attraction in Puerto Morelos is our Federally protected healthy reef which attracts thousands of fish, creatures and plant life. There are a variety of ways to book a snorkel trip, the easiest is just to head down to the dock and catch the next boat going out. It’s a quick boat ride to the reef and they should take you to two different locations. Cost is about 25 USD or peso equivalent, which includes Park admission. Make sure you receive a wristband. The money from the sale of the band goes to protect the reef. All the guides are trained. If the guide “Charlie Brown” is available, go with him. He’s a special guy. You can also arrange a trip through one of the Dive Shops or with Diving Dog Tours.

Spanish Lessons – A little Spanish goes a long way here. Give it a try! For private or semi-private classes, try Marilu and Victor. I don’t want to publish their email address here because of spam, so write to us and we’ll send it to you. They get excellent reviews and teach all levels.

Spa Services – Your hotel will have all kinds of spa services, but for a real local experience, try the Jungle Spa. Skilled local Mayan women will treat you at a price that is much, much lower than your hotel. Full treatments are offered Tuesday through Saturday, limited appointments on Sunday during the season. Appointments can be arranged other times. The spa is easy to reach by taxi or car. Website Here. Map to the spa here.

Martina who lives in Puerto Morelos offers Massage, Body, Facial and Esthetic Treatments. She will come to you. Contact her through her website.

Manicures and pedicures can be booked at Aquarius, on Avenue Ninos Heros north of the square. The staff does not speak English, but they are very kind and welcome visitors. You can also get this service from Carmen in the Colonia. Her shop is called “Glamour”, it is on our Puerto Morelos map.

Telephone – To call locally or back home, your best bet is Skype or another online calling program. You can also get a Ladatel Telmex card and use it in one of the pay phones around town. Local calls are about a peso a minute and long distance to the US or Canada is about 5 pesos a minute. The cards never expire. There are a variety of discount calling cards available, but we have never had any luck with them. More info here

Tours – Former Puerto Morelos shrimp taco magnate Eric is now designing and conducting tours of our area. Small groups ensure a better experience than your hotel can offer. Reviews are very good. Website Here. The travel agency also books tours.

Travel Agency – Located around the corner from Cafe de Amancia. Offers tours plus car and bike rentals. Website Here. Be aware that there are “fake” travel agencies that are just fronts for timeshare sales. You can save big money on tickets, but you will have to go to a presentation, usually three hours.

Yoga – Lots of options for yoga in Puerto Morelos

  • Mina Wigueras has yoga classes on the beach three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:15 am. Meet up in front of PlayaSol. 50 pesos.
  • During the season there is yoga at Abbey del Sol, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8:15
  • Melissa has yoga classes, contact her through her Facebook page.
  • Casa Om – Contact them through their webpage.
  • Coco does advanced yoga Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:00 am in the gazebo on the square. Contact her through her webpage.

Zoo – Crococun is just north of town on the east side of the highway. Kids will love it…and adults will too. Telephone: 998-850-371