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07. August 2017 · Comments Off on Tropical Storm Franklin – Aug 07 2017 – Pics & Video! · Categories: Beach Reads The Blog, Photo Post

We’ve been having a lovely warm and tranquil summer here in Puerto Morelos, but one thing was missing…rain! The mangroves are dry and we need to fill them up again. It appears we are about to get our wish in the form of Tropical Storm Franklin.

We’ve been watching this young fella for a few days now, and he just graduated to be a tropical storm early this morning. Right now it is packing winds as high as 60 MPH and could become a hurricane just before it makes landfall.

It will land well south of Puerto Morelos, so we will just get some of the side effects. We’ve already seen wind, a bit of rain and some surge. We are not expecting anything too major, but the usual precautions have been taken. Boats are out of the water and we have stocked up on the essentials…water, gasoline and beer.

I bravely went down to the beach early this afternoon to get some pictures of the black clouds as they rolled in and was delighted to see that the beach was fairly busy! Check it out!


Here are some of the sites we watch closely at this time of year:

National Hurricane Center

Weather Underground

Wind Guru

Don’t let a little bit of rain stop you from coming to Puerto Morelos in the summer! We are all having a great time here with no crowds. In fact, we are expecting guests at Casa de los Viajeros tomorrow and they are looking forward to getting to know our little beach town.





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