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29. January 2018 · Comments Off on Puerto Morelos Restaurant Guide · Categories: Beach Reads The Blog, Restaurant Scene · Tags:

Did you know that has the most complete and up to date Puerto Morelos Restaurant Guide? We do! So pull up a chair and try to pick a place to go for lunch, dinner and breakfast! We have it all.

We are constantly updating the guide it. It takes a lot of time and work to keep up with the every changing restaurant scene in our little village! We admit that we don’t have every place on our list, but we have most of the restaurants on the port side that are easy walking distance of the main town square. We have also added some of the more popular places in the Colonia. Each listing has the name of the place, directions to the place, basic description of what kind of food they serve, Facebook and website links, hours of operation and their phone number. We are always adding more places, so check back often.

If you have a favourite that we have missed, please feel free to send us a note and we will add it.

So if you are trying to decide where you should eat tonight, check out our Puerto Morelos Restaurant Guide.



04. December 2017 · Comments Off on Beach Reads News from Puerto Morelos (Part II) · Categories: Beach Reads The Blog, Photo Post, Restaurant Scene

Hola again from Puerto Morelos! We continue our series of new and exciting things in Puerto Morelos for the 2017/2018 season. This series of posts represent an updated version of our long-running Beach Reads Newsletter.  These posts are part of our new home on the web,, where you will find loads of information on your favourite Mexican village, including an interactive map, restaurant list, current taxi fares and more.

Here’s more news: 


















La Quinta Orquidea has moved into the unusual building on Niños Héroes, right across from the Casa Cultura. The stone building is a tourist attraction on its own with many nicknames like the Salvador Dali House, Gaudi House or even the Fred Flintstone House. Whatever you call it, it is a special building with lovely grounds, worthy of spending some time in. La Quinta Orquidea offers coffee, juices and desserts including crepes. It’s open daily, except Mondays, 8:00-6:00.  (Click the Facebook logo on the left to go to their Facebook page)

La Guaya has taken over the old Carpe Diem space. It is a cafe and bakery. The brains behind the operation is Pablo Espinosa, who gained fame and fans here in PM as the originator of El Nicho. Pablo calls his new venture a “small sandwich and wrap place”, and they will make their own bread and other baked goods. Yum! La Guaya is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00-4:00. Closed Sunday.

In other “non-cafe” news, a new burger place is opening on Rojo Gomez, right next to I Wanna Pizza. There were some rumours of a big burger chain moving into our town, but it’s actually a small one called A La Burger. They have at least three locations in Cancun and say they use 100% Angus meat from Monterrey. Their menu includes burgers, fries and salads. The restaurant site is still under construction. No word on when they are opening, but I bet it will be soon. The north end of Rojo Gomez is becoming a bit of a “restaurant row” now.

A larger chain on the way to the port side of PM is Farmacia Similares. They are well known in Mexico for their low drug prices and their over-sized dancing pharmacist mascot. (I am not kidding). They are just setting the store up, but from the sign it looks like they will have a doctor onsite so you can see the doc and get a prescription in one trip.They are located in the space formerly occupied by Natura restaurant, the same building that Carlos the dentist has his office. They already have two locations in the Colonia.   Click here to see the dancing pharmacist. 

Right next to the new pharmacy is a new Budget Rent a Car location giving us three car rental outfits within a few steps of the square. (Eurocar and the Puerto Morelos Travel Agency are the other two rental agencies)

Tomorrow, more news from your favourite town!

If you are planning a getaway to Puerto Morelos, be sure to check out Casa De Los Viajeros. We still have some openings, even at Christmas and in January. Check us out at 

Our place is just steps from the beach, and close to the square.





03. December 2017 · Comments Off on Beach Reads News from Puerto Morelos (Part I) · Categories: Beach Reads The Blog, Photo Post, Restaurant Scene

Hola from Puerto Morelos! We had a good summer here, and we are happy to see the season starting again. As usual, there are lots of changes to tell you about. Since 2002 we have been keeping you up to date with all things PM in our infamous newsletter, Beach Reads. Times have changed, so instead of a long newsletter, we’ll tell you all about it in a series of posts here on, which is our new home here on the web.

Here’s the News:

Alma Libre Bookstore is open again! 

We’re delighted to see the bookstore open again, under the new ownership of Caleb and Nikki from Golden, BC. They took over the storied libreria in the spring, but then closed for the summer to collect literature for you. Now after a bright paint job, and we imagine a whole lot of dusting, the store is open again. Check them out! They are open daily from 10:00 – 6:00. On the web, you can find them at

Cafe Culture! 

In the past year we lost a couple of cafe/restaurants in Puerto Morelos, but now over the summer, we gained  four!


Aarom Cafe just opened in the former “I Wanna Pizza” / “Un Abbraccio” location on Niños Héroes. It promises healthy choices including juices, coffee, breakfast bowls and smoothies. The food is mostly raw & organic with vegan options. They also offer holistic treatments and have a community shop. Open Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm & Saturday and Sunday 8am to 4pm. (Click the logo on the left to get to their Facebook page)

Mangata Cafe opened in November just down the Niños Héroes road, right beside John Gray’s Kitchen. Built very cleverly to make take advantage of our bright & breezy days, they offer lots of choices including juices, smoothies, coffee and meals. Vegetarian and vegan options too. They promise they make everything with love! Open Tuesday to Saturday 8-5. Sunday 8-3.

Tomorrow, more news and more cafes from your favourite town!

If you are planning a getaway to Puerto Morelos, be sure to check out Casa De Los Viajeros. We still have some openings, even at Christmas and in January. Check us out at

Our place is just steps from the beach, and close to the square.



15. August 2017 · Comments Off on Update from Puerto Morelos · Categories: Beach Reads The Blog, Photo Post, Restaurant Scene

Buenos dias! Thought I would update you on some changes in your favourite town!

A week ago, Tropical Storm Franklin made landfall well south of us. We were well out of the danger zone, but we did get some decent winds and some much-needed rain.

The beach looks great this morning, and as you can see, crowds are not a problem for us in the summer.

Here’s 30 seconds of beach time for you…

I think we just might be able to find you an open beach chair.

In other news from town, Hotel Sevilla, formerly known as Hotel Inglaterra has changed names again. It is now, Hotel Caracol Puerto. Dos Naciones, formerly Villas Latinas, is now Hotel Gota de Sal.

Another name change is the restaurant at Posada Amor, it is now called Le Papillon.

Carpe Diem has closed. The owners of the cafe/deli/bakery are returning to Italy. The business is for sale if you are interested in moving to Puerto Morelos.

Back in June, Anthony Chalas took half a day off work from La Sirena to get married! He and his lovely bride Majo just returned from a honeymoon in Europe.

Majo and Anthony. Photo shamelessly stolen from Facebook, sorry.

We are getting emails every day from folks looking to escape winter and enjoy the sunshine and warmth of Puerto Morelos. February is a tough month to book these days, our place, Casa De Los Viajeros still has room at Christmas, and unusually, two weeks in January open. March is still doable and April is wide open. Consider coming slightly off season to avoid disappointment and too much winter. Prices drop sharply in May and stay low until at least November.

That’s it for the news, we’re off to the beach!






02. March 2017 · Comments Off on Adios La Panza es Primero! · Categories: Beach Reads The Blog, Photo Post, Restaurant Scene

La Panza es Primero, known for its bright colours and lucha libre theme is finished in Puerto Morelos, and as far as we can tell, in all of Mexico. La Panza is actually a small chain out of Spain. According to their website, they still have restaurants in Madrid.

The Puerto Morelos location opened in 2010 and famously was seriously damaged by a spectacular fire in 2013. Click on this link to see 30 seconds of fire footage, shot by yours truly.  Panza Fire Video

In recent weeks, we noticed the distinctive decor was being removed and painted over. According to staff, the new restaurant will have seafood, but does not yet have a name. They say they will be open from 9:00 am to 7:00 daily, but in typical Puerto Morelos fashion, if people want to stay a little longer, they will stay open.

Update: March 09, 2017. The restaurant now has a name. It’s not terribly catchy, the name is, “Puerto Morelos Fish Market Restaurant”.

For a look back, here is Panza’s website. La Panza es Primero

Not a great shot of the menu, but a fairly good look at my thumb.

10. January 2017 · Comments Off on Beach Reads: Update from Puerto Morelos – Jan 10 2017 · Categories: Beach Reads The Blog, Photo Post, Restaurant Scene, Travel

The season is underway in Puerto Morelos! We had a busy Christmas season with lots of visitors from all over, including a lot of visitors from Mexico City. This past weekend, the town celebrated one year of governing itself with a big, big party in the square.

Of course, some new restaurants have opened or will open very soon. Here’s a rundown of the most recent.

The most unusual is a new concept for Puerto Morelos, anchored by a familiar business. The area beside the pool at Dos Naciones hotel (formerly Villas Latinas) has been totally covered by an enormous palapa. At one end will be the new permanent home of Salciccium. The owners of this place had a restaurant here a few years ago in two locations at different times called Salciccia. They sold locally made sausage and sandwiches are were quite popular.

The rest of the area will feature different food trucks selling all kinds of food. The owners call it a Food Truck Village. There will be seating for 120 people! They promise a larger menu than they had before and hope to be open in a month.


A new cafe & gallery has opened on Rojo Gomez. It is called Las Robles (the oakes). It is located just north of El Pirata

A small juice place has opened on Ninos Heroes very close to the OXXO. It’s called Bodega Verde (the green bodega) and has juice, yogurt, fruit and sandwiches.

Not a new place, but Fonda Americana is open again (as we announced before). Now Chef Roberto has told us he is extending his hours! Starting on Monday, January 16, his restaurant will open at 11:30 to 5:00 and then 6:00 to 11:00 every day. He will have a different menu for lunch. We were just happy to have him back again, and now it will be easier to get our Fonda fix earlier in the day.



Whatever you do in Puerto Morelos, you will not go hungry!

A reminder that Alma Libre Books and Gifts is now open every day from 10-6. We have a huge variety of second hand books, plus new volumes of local interest, local items for your kitchen and local and regional art. Be sure to visit us when you visit Puerto Morelos!