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They seem to be quite rare, but you might run into a special 100 peso bill in your change. The bill commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Constitution of Mexico, which was adopted in February 1917.
There is a pretty good short video on the Bank of Mexico site about the bill,  and more info about the Constitution of Mexico here.
We have received a few of the bills in the bookstore, ironically mostly from visitors who got them from their bank in the USA.
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It’s been a long winter, and in many places it isn’t over yet. Give yourself a Puerto Morelos Spring Break. We have a few holes in our schedule that you would look great in!

We have 1 and 2 bedroom suites available soon…

Our Suite #3 is a one bedroom, one bath on two levels. It is our most economical and is open later this month, March 23 to April 1. It is also open in April from the 8th to the 29th.

Here is a short video of Suite #3


Our Suite #1, which is 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths is currently open March 29 until April 29.

For more information on either of these sweet suites, check out our webpage at CasaDeLosViajeros.com

*All our prices include all taxes, bottled drinking water, weekly cleaning, high-speed WiFi and free Netflix



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La Panza es Primero, known for its bright colours and lucha libre theme is finished in Puerto Morelos, and as far as we can tell, in all of Mexico. La Panza is actually a small chain out of Spain. According to their website, they still have restaurants in Madrid.

The Puerto Morelos location opened in 2010 and famously was seriously damaged by a spectacular fire in 2013. Click on this link to see 30 seconds of fire footage, shot by yours truly.  Panza Fire Video

In reecent weeks, we noticed the distinctive decor was being removed and painted over. According to staff, the new restaurant will have seafood, but does not yet have a name. They say they will be open from 9:00 am to 7:00 daily, but in typical Puerto Morelos fashion, if people want to stay a little longer, they will stay open.

Update: March 09, 2017. The restaurant now has a name. It’s not terribly catchy, the name is, “Puerto Morelos Fish Market Restaurant”.

For a look back, here is Panza’s website. La Panza es Primero

Not a great shot of the menu, but a fairly good look at my thumb.

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After 15 years we have decided to start a new chapter!

Alma Libre Books and Gifts will change hands on April 1, 2017.

We will continue to live in Puerto Morelos…we will just be living a lifestyle a little more like our customers!

The last 15 years have been amazing. We have met thousands of people from all over the world and have helped many discover our little town. We grew along with Puerto Morelos, and survived challenges like Hurricane Wilma.

As we head into our final Alma Libre month, we would like to sincerely thank you for your ongoing support and friendship over the past 15 years.

We feel the bookstore is an important part of Puerto Morelos, and we know that we are leaving it in very good hands. The new owners are from Canada and own a bookstore! They love Puerto Morelos and are making it their home.

Here is a link to the press release if you would like more details: Sold Final

In 2002, not long after we bought the shop

The store after Wilma in 2005. The store came through pretty well, we were amazed to see the sign made it through just fine, and not a single pane of glass was broken. The store did have a fair amount of water damage inside, we lost about 1000 books.

Shelving…so much shelving. We have done a lot of it over the last 15 years. After a while, you start to forget the order of letters in the alphabet!


Cat in the shelves

Joanne in front of Alma Libre the day we bought it in 2002. That suitcase is full of books!

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Shout out to our friends at “The Godfather” jewelry. They recently did a repair on a ring for us that was better than the original work.

They have a small store, but a large selection of jewelry. We’ve sent lots of people there and they have all come back happy. They are located just north of the square on Rojo Gomez, across from Tacos dot com or Posada El Moro Hotel. Such nice folks!  They will make you an offer you can’t refuse!







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With thanks to Kathy at Diving Dog Tours in Puerto Morelos, we can finally announce the dates for the 2017 fishing tournaments

The “Cesar Martín Rosado” tournament will be April 28-30, 2017 (28th Edition)

The “Don Andres García Lavín” tournament will be May 5-7, 2017 (8th Edition)

For more information and the dates of a whole lot more tournaments, visit the Pescando en el Caribe website here.



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Hope you saw our 20 second beach video from yesterday morning. (If you missed it, click here for twenty seconds in paradise)

By popular demand, here are another 10 seconds…

What a beautiful morning it was! (And we’re hoping for another one today!)

Don’t miss another morning in Puerto Morelos. Check out our places to stay at www.CasaDeLosViajeros.com 

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We picked a great morning for a beach walk in Puerto Morelos. The beach is absolutely perfect, and check out the Caribbean! It is so calm it looks like a lake. You can’t even tell where the water breaks on the reef.

As an added bonus, the visibility is absolutely clear. Time to grab the snorkel gear and say Hola to the underwater citizens of Puerto Morelos!

Come see it for yourself! Check out our rentals at Casa de los Viajeros.

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The season is underway in Puerto Morelos! We had a busy Christmas season with lots of visitors from all over, including a lot of visitors from Mexico City. This past weekend, the town celebrated one year of governing itself with a big, big party in the square.

Of course, some new restaurants have opened or will open very soon. Here’s a rundown of the most recent.

The most unusual is a new concept for Puerto Morelos, anchored by a familiar business. The area beside the pool at Dos Naciones hotel (formerly Villas Latinas) has been totally covered by an enormous palapa. At one end will be the new permanent home of Salciccium. The owners of this place had a restaurant here a few years ago in two locations at different times called Salciccia. They sold locally made sausage and sandwiches are were quite popular.

The rest of the area will feature different food trucks selling all kinds of food. The owners call it a Food Truck Village. There will be seating for 120 people! They promise a larger menu than they had before and hope to be open in a month.


A new cafe & gallery has opened on Rojo Gomez. It is called Las Robles (the oakes). It is located just north of El Pirata

A small juice place has opened on Ninos Heroes very close to the OXXO. It’s called Bodega Verde (the green bodega) and has juice, yogurt, fruit and sandwiches.

Not a new place, but Fonda Americana is open again (as we announced before). Now Chef Roberto has told us he is extending his hours! Starting on Monday, January 16, his restaurant will open at 11:30 to 5:00 and then 6:00 to 11:00 every day. He will have a different menu for lunch. We were just happy to have him back again, and now it will be easier to get our Fonda fix earlier in the day.



Whatever you do in Puerto Morelos, you will not go hungry!

A reminder that Alma Libre Books and Gifts is now open every day from 10-6. We have a huge variety of second hand books, plus new volumes of local interest, local items for your kitchen and local and regional art. Be sure to visit us when you visit Puerto Morelos!